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Instructions below.

Goal: To remove all balls. To remove balls, clicking on one ball removes all touching ball of the same color/pattern. Remaining balls will fall to filling in empty spaces. There must be at least two ball touching to remove balls.
Settings: Click on settings button. Select 3 - 7 balls. The greater the number of balls selected the more difficult the game.
Score: Formula the number of the balls minus 2 raised at power 2 multiplied by the number of the different types of the balls in the game greater than 2.
So, take x balls, y types of balls (* sign means multiply)
2 balls, 3 types of balls (2-2)*(2-2)*1=0
3 balls, 3 types of balls (3-2)*(3-2)*1=1
4 balls, 3 types of balls (4-2)*(4-2)*1=4
5 balls, 3 types of balls (5-2)*(5-2)*1=9
5 balls, 7 types of balls (5-2)*(5-2)*7=63




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